How can I purchase medical marijuana here in Florida?

Easily, through FCCC

Must have a qualifying condition, provide some record of diagnosis or treatment, meet FACE TO FACE with trained and STATE-QUALIFIED physician, Dr. Gail van Diepen.

Verify full time or part time Florida residency
Be entered in the State of Florida Registry, pay $75 to the State.

After exam and dosing recommendations by Dr. van Diepen into the State Registry, wait one to two weeks for temporary card by email and permanent photo ID card (looks like a Florida driver’s license) in the mail.

Can make purchase with temporary email or wait for card.

Must have a return IN PERSON exam with a doctor a maximum of every 210 days, the limit of time for which your doctor can write the dosing recommendations. We schedule every 6 months to keep it simple and to allow for any missed/rescheduled appointment.

How do the doctor recommendations work?

The State-approved doctors, like Dr. van Diepen, must write recommendation orders for a MAXIMUM of 70 days – and can write those orders three times before the patient must return for the State-required in person recertification visit.  Thus the total maximum of 210 days.

Dr. van Diepen writes ALL THREE 70 DAY ORDERS at the time of the first in-person exam and they are INCLUDED in our Initial Exam pricing – so this can be a BIG savings for you.

OTHER doctors do one or both of two things to generate additional income from a patient:

— They write ONLY a first 70-day order for the initial exam price and then charge, say, $70 each for the second and third 70 day order before the next in person exam; and/or

— They require one or more in person return “follow up” visits between the State required in person exams – and charge office visit pricing is likely or possibly covered with any insurance carrier

What conditions qualify?

A very wide range of conditions will qualify – we list 69 on our web site but there may be even more.

Dr. van Diepen believes it is the RIGHT OF EVERYONE TO TRY medical marijuana to resolve ANY health condition – so certification is EASY HERE.

Will I be high or be drugged?

No, the medical marijuana formulations and choices – by each of the dispensaries where we will send you – are designed to address different conditions with various marijuana strains and ratios of use of CBD and THC, both of which are what are called “cannabinoids” and have different purposes.  The THC is the psychoactive component but it is balanced by CBD in different ways depending on your condition.

Everyone is different – size and sex and race are not necessarily predictors of how one will be affected by medical marijuana.  Our overriding approach is “START LOW and GO SLOW” – in selection of first set of products and dosing.  We do that in COOPERATION with the dispensaries we have studied, worked with and recommend.

What do people think about taking medical marijuana? Is there a stigma?

Over 72% of Floridians voted YES to the medical marijuana law in 2016 and reliable estimate says 85% would do so today.

So, there is NO STIGMA to taking advantage of your RIGHT TO TRY solving your health condition with medical marijuana.

What do I need to prove Florida residency?

Full time residents need only submit their Florida issued driver’s license or ID for copy and entry onto the Registry.

Seasonal residents can qualify if they can prove they live in Florida for at least 31 consecutive days, given that they vote and pay taxes in another state.

Residents must submit TWO of the following as proof of residency:

Deed, mortgage statement or pay book or rental/lease agreement.
If reside with parent, step-parent, legal guardian or other person, statement from that person attesting to living with applicant.
Utility bill or work order not more than 2 months old.
Mail from a bank or financial institution not more than 2 months old.
Mail from federal, state, city or municipality government not more than 2 months old.
Other proof to be submitted for approval if not one of the above.

Can YOU Qualify?

Where do I buy my medical marijuana?

The State of Florida has so far licensed THIRTEEN different dispensary companies.  More will be coming but we also anticipate there may someday be consolidation between dispensary operators.

FOUR have actual retail stores open or about to open within reasonable driving distance of our area:  Surterra Wellness, VidaCann, Trulieve and Curaleaf.

Others are offering purchase online with delivery to the home for a fee.

We recommend our patients go to a real retail facility and meet trained product advisors there for a) best starting choice of product and b) develop an ongoing relationship because this is a “start LOW/go SLOW” process where you the patient can evaluate impact of first purchase and, with the help of those advisors, adjust your product selection on follow up visit.

What kind of Medical Marijuana is available?

This is where it REALLY gets COMPLEX and why you have made a great choice in calling us – unlike many new “pop-up” exam doctor offices (“doc in a box”), we are NOT JUST ABOUT THE CARD – but instead about working to help you RESOLVE the medical condition.

Dr. van Diepen is a PRIMARY CARE doctor – has been a physician for almost 40 years and has served thousands of patients at Ormond Internal Medicine here in Volusia County for 20 of those years.  She has seen almost every condition that will be presented to her for medical marijuana certification and is thus best qualified to assist you.

Each dispensary company has a vastly different “theory” for product development and product line.

Selecting the RIGHT dispensary and the RIGHT STARTING POINT for your medical marijuana is like playing three-dimensional chess – but we are good at it.  There are almost 200 different products, spread across FIVE different ways to take them, JUST between the four dispensary companies now with retail stores open!

Nicole Jarbeau, our Marijuana Health Specialist, is extremely knowledgeable about your choices and will guide you to a great start and be available for follow up consultation, along with Dr. van Diepen.

What do I need for my first appointment?

Your first appointment will be with a Marijuana Health Specialist, and can be in person or conveniently by phone.  If by phone, we will recommend that you be in front of your computer at home or work while on the call as we can use Zoom technology to a) share your Marijuana Health Specialist’s online screen live on your computer monitor and b) exchange pleasantries on camera, just like FaceTime or Skype.  Would that work for you?

Prior to that appointment,  our Marijuana Health Coordinator will help you complete a Patient Registration form available on our website www.mmjexams.com – or one can be emailed to you or you can stop into our Ormond Beach office and complete it in person.

We also need the State-required medical record from your other doctor.  There are three ways to get it to our office:  1) simply go to our web site and complete the Medical Records Release form and we will immediately retrieve it from your other doctor; 2) call or visit your other doctor and directly authorize them (which may require you visit them to sign a medical records release form) to send it to us via the email address records@mmjexams.com; or 3) retrieve it from your other doctor and bring it to the office.

Either when you meet our Marijuana Health Specialist in person or you’re your appointment with her is by phone, when you come for your physician exam appointment, bring proof of permanent residency or seasonal residency (as described above) for our in-person verification to the State.

What kind of medical records do I need?

You must have a medical record that documents the condition(s) for which you seek help and it must be within the last year.

How much do you charge?

The initial consultation, gathering of medical information, analysis of condition, matching with the RIGHT starting dosage and type of medical marijuana, the in-person exam and ALL THREE 70 day Orders are $249 – but a) at your exam, you will receive a $50 certificate for your first purchase at participating dispensaries; and b) we offer some great discounts:

10% off for members of AAA and/or AARP for $224

20% off for Veterans and First Responders as well as primary care patients of Ormond Internal Medicine (if you need a primary care doctor you may wish to enroll with us to get that discount) for $199.

The $99 EZ Pay Planallows anyone on a restricted budget to also have the Right-To-Try medical marijuana. With first payment of $99 all the work described above is completed and a first 70-day order is written. A monthly payment of $46.75 via credit or debit card or cash payment at our office for the next four months allows us to write the second and third 70-day orders for uninterrupted access to one’s medical marijuana purchases.

The State required in-person recertification exam, including our care plan review to determine progress in the prior period, costs $169 with the same discounts available so $152 for veterans, AAA and AARP members or $144 for Ormond Internal Medicine patients.

The $99 EZ Pay Plan is also in effect for the recertification exam – the first 70-day order of the new period is written and the subsequent two 70-day orders are written given four $20 monthly payments as authorized by credit card or cash payment at our office.

Do you provide refunds?

It is the position of Dr. van Diepen that Florida law gives anyone the right to access medical marijuana to address a documentable condition and extends certification in this spirit.

Our staff goes through an extensive pre-exam review of condition and records and initiates most of the State Registry effort prior to the actual exam so, again, it is highly unlikely that Dr. van Diepen will find a patient ineligible.

However, in that highly unlikely event, a refund for any expenditure will be given if a patient is ruled ineligible.

Is it covered by insurance?

No. in that highly unlikely event, a refund for any expenditure will be given if a patient is ruled ineligible.

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