Medical Marijuana and its Affect on Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an issue for millions of Americans and can stem from injury, illness, or have unknown origins. Pain management can involve any number of therapies, medicines, exercises, or techniques.

One method of pain management that has become increasingly popular and well known is medical marijuana. Medical marijuana can effectively treat chronic pain, and compared with opiates, it has a far lower potential for addiction and fewer side effects. Here’s what you need to know about medical marijuana and its effect on chronic pain. 

Medical marijuana administered under a doctor’s care

Qualifying for a medical marijuana card is just the first step. If you’re just starting this form of treatment, you may be daunted by the many options. Dr. Patricia Gail van Diepen of Florida Compassionate Care Center makes sure you’re not left on your own to figure out the right dose, strain, and form of administration. She wants to ensure you get the most effective treatment as soon as possible; after you’ve dealt with chronic pain, you shouldn't have to waste time guessing which medical marijuana option is best for you.  

Here at Florida Compassionate Care Centers, we help patients navigate the process from understanding qualifying conditions, obtaining a card, to evaluating and tweaking treatment to ensure that patients are getting the best possible results. 

How does medical marijuana help chronic pain?

The term medical marijuana refers to the unprocessed, whole marijuana plant or compounds derived from it. Studies have shown that marijuana can be effective in treating chronic pain conditions including headaches and migraines, arthritis pain, endometriosis, cancer pain, and many other chronic pain conditions.

The two most discussed components of marijuana are CBD and THC. THC is “psychoactive,” and it’s what’s responsible for producing a high. CBD isn’t psychoactive; its effects are more subtle. People often report that CBD provides a tingly, relaxed feeling, and increases their sense of well-being. 

Both THC and CBD can improve chronic pain, though the effects of medical marijuana vary from person to person. Whether you choose flower, tinctures, topicals or concentrates, medical marijuana products should indicate the percentage of THC and CBD contained therein. With Dr. van Diepen’s expert assistance, you can choose a product that’s best for your condition.  

Best medical marijuana strains for chronic pain

Marijuana plants may be sativas, indicas, or hybrids. Hybrid strains contain varying ratios of sativa and indica.

Sativa is known for its energizing properties and is often used to treat anxiety and depression. Generally, sativa strains have a higher percentage of THC. Indica, on the other hand, is known for its relaxant properties and is used most often for chronic pain and inflammation. Indica strains have a higher percentage of CBD.

While this is a decent rule of thumb for the overall properties of sativa and indica, there are many strains within each category, and Dr. van Diepen can help you pick out the right one. If you experience depression and lethargy alongside your chronic pain, a hybrid strain can combine the energizing effects of a sativa with the pain relief and relaxation of an indica.

Medical marijuana comes in many different forms, which is another source of confusion and frustration for patients. Not everyone is comfortable with smoking or vaping. Thankfully, you can also take marijuana in oral, and concentrate, or even topical form. We help you find the exact products that fit your preferences and are most beneficial to your condition.

We are available to help you navigate the entire process of qualifying for and properly using medical marijuana at Florida Compassionate Care Centers. You can schedule your appointment by phone at 386-872-3800 or schedule anytime online.

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