How Medical Marijuana Can Help You Cope With COVID-19 Anxiety

COVID-19 is the origin of a host of new worries for us now. Climbing numbers of cases and deaths in the United States and across the globe are profoundly frightening. 

You may find yourself focusing on the fear that you or someone you love will be stricken, obsessing over a cough or sneeze, or shutting down from following pandemic news coverage. In turn, this level of continuous anxiety can wreak havoc on your well-being. 

In a world without a pandemic, anxiety disorders are the most frequently diagnosed mental health conditions in the US, with over 31% of adults suffering from them. The pandemic has only heightened these problems. 

Medical marijuana is helping many manage their COVID-19-related anxiety and depression, and the caring team at Florida Compassionate Care Centers is committed to, as a primary care practice, educating you about incorporating medical marijuana into a broader care plan, not simply obtaining a card that authorizes you to use it. 

We prescribe medical marijuana to relieve symptoms of a diverse array of medical and mental health conditions. Dr. Gail van Diepen and medical marijuana specialist Nicole Jarbeau approach your care journey as one you travel together. 

Why COVID-19 stress is different 

The type of stress caused by a never-before-seen pandemic is different than that caused by working too much or having an argument with your spouse. COVID-19 has upended our lives in completely unique ways:

COVID-19 stress can disturb your gastrointestinal system, fuel feelings of grief, stop you from getting high-quality rest, and aggravate your appetite (leading to weight gain or loss). Unaddressed anxiety can lead to depression. It can also exacerbate a chronic condition with which you’re already suffering, such as hypertension

All of this in turn weakens your immune system — exactly what you don’t want to happen during a pandemic!

Healthy versus unhealthy ways of coping with stress

Now that we’ve determined pandemic stress is different from garden variety stress, we’re sure you’re already aware that there are healthy and harmful ways to cope with it. 

Anxiety can cause you to lapse into unhealthy habits, like drinking, smoking, or using recreational drugs too much, turning to junk food for relief, and becoming paralyzed with fear at the thought of leaving your house. It can also jumpstart feelings of PTSD and worsen obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms.

We work with you to create a treatment plan that incorporates healthy habits so your stress doesn’t take over. A healthy diet, daily exercise, practicing mindfulness meditation, and connecting virtually with friends and family can significantly relieve your stress, and these are all free strategies you can do at home. 

Can medical marijuana address my stress?

We emphatically say “Yes!” One of your body’s most sensitive systems is its endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS helps regulate the activity of your neurons, the MVPs of your nervous system, and your mood is among the many things it can influence. 

Medical marijuana contains cannabinoids that bind to your ECS receptors, and when they do, your stress symptoms are greatly relieved. Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, are known to help lift anxiety symptoms. 

Though you might be concerned about feeling high or “out of it,” this is never a side effect of medical marijuana use because it is medicine. Thankfully, medical marijuana use is widely accepted now and not considered an “out there,” questionable treatment. Read about how treatment helped Julie’s husband get relief from his anxiety, which was overtaking his life.

We help you determine if you can qualify for treatment with medical marijuana, assess every aspect of your health, and administer tests, so we can personalize your treatment. Our practice has invested considerable time and energy in building relationships with reputable dispensaries to which we can refer you, allowing you to receive the expertly customized medical marijuana doses we have formulated for you. 

We’re eager to help you manage your worries about the pandemic safely and effectively. Medical marijuana treatment along with good self-care and psychotherapy are all essential tools that can be combined in different ways to bring you back to an emotionally even place, as opposed to a chronically agitated one. 

Call our office, or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation and see if you qualify for medical marijuana treatment for your anxiety. It may be just the soothing solution you’ve been seeking.

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